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This site is dedicated to providing up to date, accurate and easily accessible information about coach and local bus services in Bulgaria. We maintain the largest searchable database available at this moment on the bulgarian internet. At the moment we have 8098 timetables in our database! We hope that you find this site useful and enjoy your trip!

Be sure to read the the terms of use before you use this site.

While you are using this site please have in mind that there are many local bus services not listed here and that may be some changes in the timetables, that we haven't published yet due to reasons we can't control, so be sure to check at the bus station or by phone too. You can find the phone numbers of the most of the bus stations in Bulgaria here.

This site has nothing to do with any bus station or transportation company or government. It is a completely free service and nobody gets money for creating or maintaining it.

Use the search fields on the title page to find the information you are after. There you should fill in the point of departure and the destination of your trip in English. Have in mind that the Bulgarian alphabet is quite different from the Latin you are used with. So there are some bulgarian letters that are represented with several latin letters and in several possible ways, although only one of these combinations is the official one. If the search engine does not find any match it will present you with the following table:

 Bulgarian alphabet  Corresponding latin characters 
А, аA, a
Б, бB, b
В, вV, v
Г, гG, g
Д, дD, d
Е, еE, e
Ж, жZh, zh
З, зZ, z
И, иI, i
Й, йY, y
К, кK, k
Л, лL, l
М, мM, m
Н, нN, n
О, оO, o
П, пP, p
Р, рR, r
С, сS, s
Т, тT, t
У, уU, u
Ф, фF, f
Х, хH, h
Ц, цTs, ts
Ч, чCh, ch
Ш, шSh, sh
Щ, щSht, sht
Ъ, ъA, a
Ь, ьY, y
Ю, юYu, yu
Я, яYa, ya.

Here you can see how the bulgarian letters are translated into latin ones. Following are some examples that are exclusions or additions to the above rules:
Добруджа = Dobrudzha, Пазарджик = Pazardzhik, Васильово = Vasilyovo, Синьо бърдо = Sinyo bardo, Змейово = Zmeyovo, Йовковци = Yovkovtsi, София = Sofia, Провадия = Provadia, България = Bulgaria

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