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The start and the end point of your route in Bulgarian, as you entered them, but written in upper case:
ПЛОВДИВ, СТАРА ЗАГОРА. Please check if they are correct.

Bus servises for the route Plovdiv - Stara Zagora
9.00 more
13.00 more
14.00 more
18.00 more
Buses passing through plovdiv and stara zagora
Timetable: Saedinenie - Varna0.00 more
Timetable: Saedinenie - Tsarevo2.00 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Varna6.45 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Sliven7.00 more
Timetable: Asenovgrad - Kiten7.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Omurtag7.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Razgrad7.45 more
Timetable: Pazardzhik - Slanchev Bryag7.50 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Veliko Tarnovo8.30 more
Timetable: Sofia - Burgas9.00 more
Timetable: Pazardzhik - Kiten9.50 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Sliven11.00 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Sliven12.00 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Veliko Tarnovo13.30 more
Timetable: Velingrad - Sliven14.10 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Omurtag14.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Shumen15.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Varna15.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Sliven16.00 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Sliven16.30 more
Timetable: Plovdiv - Yambol17.00 more
Timetable: Sofia - Burgas18.48 more
Timetable: Sofia - Slanchev Bryag19.00 more
Timetable: Sofia - Burgas19.18 more
Combined routes
There are direct bus services for this route, therefor the combined routes are disabled.